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Here's a quick tour of our major features

Video conferencing

Hassle-free video conferencing

Video conferencing with a candidate is as simple as sharing a link. No more hassle of maintaining a company Skype account and fretting about adding the right person as a contact! Codassium uses WebRTC - which means you only need a modern web browser.

Interactive Linux Shell


With Codassium's screensharing feature, you can finally let your candidates code in an environment that's familiar to them and have at their disposal a fully-fledged IDE.

Interactive Linux Shell

Interactive Linux shell

Software development isn't just about coding, nor should your interview be. You can use the shared Linux console to test a candidate's knowledge on Git, Bash and other system administration skills.

Run code from the browser

Collaborative editor with real-time code execution

Codassium's integrated code editor helps you brainstorm, discuss and solve programming challenges with the interviewee. You can even execute the code right from your browser!

Take notes privately

Take notes privately

During the course of the interview, you can jot down notes in a private screen visible only to you and your colleagues. These notes are persisted even after the interview ends.

Schedule interviews

Scheduling & calendar invites

Scheduling an interview via Codassium is easy. We take care of boring (but painful) things like timezones and even allow you to send out calendar invitations directly.

Interview dashboard

All your interviews in one place

Codassium provides an easy way to organize and track your interviews in a single place. You can even add notes about a candidate or attach resumes or code samples to be used during the interview.

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